Friday, April 29, 2011

Making molds

I've been making a whole bunch of new candles molds lately, and even though I don't enjoy mold making as much as I do candle making,  I'm always excited to get that first ever pour in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Matching our colors to yours.

We currently offer over 27 colors in our floating rose candles.

With Davids Bridal being one of the most popular and recognizable wedding companies out there, one of our most frequently asked questions is.  Do your colors match to theirs?

The long and short of it is.. Yes.  We actually formulate our colors around David Bridal colors and what ever happens to be the most popular color of the season.

We haven't named our colors the exact same as theirs, mainly because we opted to use the actual name of the dyes we use.

 Take Hot Pink for instance, a great match to Davids Bridal Watermelon but we don't currently call it Watermelon. On our website you can find it under Hot Pink.

However, at the request of several of our very fine customers and in order to help them find what they need faster and easier we will be renaming several of our colors.

When in doubt though we do offer samples for a minimal cost plus free shipping.