Thursday, January 21, 2016

raspberry isn't red?

i hope you are all having a wonderful day

it's been a busy january in the candle making shop

figured i'd pop in and write up a blog post before things got too crazy here....

working on the new raspberry color 

which is strange for my color senses

 raspberry screams red-ish to me, 

 but's purple

and with valentines day sneaking up on us

we are super busy pouring all things red, pink and white

not just roses 

piggies too

we have a great selection of valentine candles this year

i can't wait to post more about them in the coming weeks

Friday, January 15, 2016

Making dye's

In between staying stocked up on Valentine candles and planning for the spring pouring schedule I have to make my dye chips for the year.

I was looking forward to sharing the process with you, but I got a new Iphone for Christmas and somehow wiped out my cloud account and every single thing in it. 

The sadness was overwhelming 

Instead, I suppose I'll be sharing some pictures with you from a few years back...circa 2014ish

These images are taken after the chips and dye blocks are made to check for proper formulation, the finished dye chips is matched against our current colors. 

Then the fun begins

I get to play around with all those different colored blocks and create whole new shades of blocks. Then I compared them to wedding catalogs, print magazine and samples that I purchase.  

I don't add the matches to our existing candle line right away though, I usually wait to see what the trends are before releasing anything. 

Occasionally I come across a color that is just a bit off, and then the guessing game begins.  What does it need to get a match? 

There are occasions where I can't tell which one it matches to because they appear so similar, 

Friday, January 1, 2016

welcome 2016

hello new look fabulous already!!

i hope you had a wonderful new year celebration

we sure did, ringing in the new year with friends and family and lots and lots of dancing

i was so close to the hightop fitbit badge!  but we had to stop for the countdown and toast

aww shucks, maybe next year...oh wait it is the next year!!

so many fun plans and activities and adventures planned for 2016 i can't wait to get started on them all

the one weighing heavy on my mind for a while was the new website

yay!  it's up and running and even though there's some fine tuning (sizing is off on somethings)'s ready

you may..or may not have noticed that you needed to make a new account

if you're a returning customer.... sorry about that , its a whole new ball of wax

but she's looking good and runs really well

valentine is the theme for the next month or so....

really, it's a quick holiday that jumps out at you right after the new year

and if you are ordering candles for that someone special in your life

make sure you do it soon before we are sold out.