Monday, December 27, 2010

Wine cork candles

Is your wedding destination a vineyard, are you a thrower of wine and cheese parties..  If so, invite me please.

Maybe your looking for a unique gift idea for a house warming or in need of that little something extra for a romantic dinner.

I got ya covered.

Wine cork candles  Yup, candles in the shape of wine corks.  They'll make excellent centerpieces for buffet tables or wedding receptions.  Use them at your next dinner party and everyone one will be asking about them. Group several size wine bottles together around a tall floral arrangement.

Don't forget to place something under the bottles so as not to ruin your table or linens. As they melt, wax will drip down the sides of the bottles.

Glowlite Candles online
Glowlite Candles on etsy

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Large Buddha candle now available for limited time

Hi candle lovers,

I wanted to share with you our large Buddha Candle, which is now available and will be until we're sold out.  

Beautifully detailed, and standing over 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide this wax Buddha is more wax sculpture than candle, but it does have wick and burns down the center if you choose to light up his happy head.  He's over 43 ounces of jade green wax with a bronzing finish.

If you don't get him this season, don't worry I'll be making more of them starting in Oct of 2011

Only available on our site 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Naked candles

As the big holiday approaches there's that one last push of orders that sends us working overtime to get everything made and packed and shipped out.

These are what I've been pouring and dipping non stop for the past few months.

The novelty and figurine candles are rather stark when pulled from their molds. They're called "cores" which is just plain ole wax poured with a wick.  Many of our designs have their own unique core color based on what type of finish they get.

Some have multiple steps to the finish such as dipping in secondary wax colors, staining or even painting before their final glossing some are simply glazed with no over dipping.

Today and well in to the evening hours I'll be pouring and demolding the little angle candles, by tomorrow they'll have their gold and silver finish added and will be hung up ready for glazing. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowflake floating candles

The first time I saw a real life snowflake I was 24 years old.

My husband and I had taken our family on holiday up north for Christmas.  I had our eldest daughter on my hip while hubby was pushing our youngest in a stroller down an empty Prescott Az sidewalk.  
The cold that day was something I had never before experienced.  And certainly not prepared for as our winter wear consisted of jeans and hoodies.  Being a native of the low desert..and sure it gets cold in the valley but desert winter will cut through you, this winter chill seemed to seep in to your bones and stay there forever.

I was turning to my husband to say "it's time to go" when I saw the tiniest paper snowflake flutter around in between us and then another and then a larger one.  I looked to my daughter who had her face burrowed in my jacket and saw a few of the pretty flecks laying softly on top of her brown mop of hair. When I went to pull it off to show her, it vanished at my touch.  She looked up at me accusingly, wondering why was pulling at her hair when one fell on her eyelash.

It was surreal and lovely and enchanting.

It was but a moment and then the snowflakes disappeared only to be replaced by blobs of snow falling faster and faster. At which time my daughter was getting excited and her eyes where nearly bulging from her head at the sight of all that snow, she was begging to be let down so she could build a snowman and snow angle.  At the tender age of four those where things she saw in cartoons and said as much as she began scooping up the mushy white stuff along with the dirt and gravel from the walkway.  By the time her and her dad were done their snowman was more twigs and rocks and leaves than snow but she was thrilled.

On our drive home we talked about how we both wished we had a camera.   And instead of driving immediately to the house we detoured in to a Best Buy and bought one.  Connived that with that in hand we would never again miss out on preserving those little moments in time.

It was with that camera that I took this picture. And every-time I make these little snowflake candles I remember so clearly her brown eyes looking up at me and that tiny, yet perfectly formed snowflake kissing her eyelash.

Capturing winters artful kisses in wax is a pleasure.  These little candles aren't as tiny as real snowflakes, they measure about two inches in diameter and are 5/8 inches thick.
Burn time 2 hours.
I add a sprinkling of candle safe iridescent glitter on top and you should see how the flame bounces of it as it glows.  Something my camera skills aren't able to capture.

If your planning a winter wonderland wedding or a New Years bash these would make great reception table centerpieces, buffet and mantel decor and gifts. 

If you are in need of a larger snowflake candle don't worry I got ya covered.
Measures 2 and 3/4 in diameter and are 3/4 inch think
Burn time is 4 hours

These are a perfect size for the tall cylindrical vases and would look beautiful grouped in three of varying sizes.

Fill vases with water and add seasonal foliage like spruce and pine cuttings, pine cones, cranberries and top it all off with a snowflake candles for a lovely yet simple and elegant centerpiece

Snowflake candles as well as more winter holiday candles are available on our website and etsy store
Glowlite Candles online
Glowlite Candles on etsy

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneak peek at our 2011 colors

We have 3 new colors that will soon be available to order. Starting Jan 1st you'll be able to order these colors in any of our current shaped floating wedding candles Hearts, Roses and Butterflies.

Our lime is ferociously green and I'm constantly wowed with what it can be matched with. (new pics coming soon) The new Rust color is reminiscent of a fallish color but I'm finding more and more brides picking this color for late spring and early summer events. Paired with fuchsia's and corals it sure makes those colors pop! ...mmm good. Last but not least. Watermelon. Our Berry used to be a good match..however many of the "big box" bridal shops now have watermelons that are more in hue to a lighter color than what we had and we want to keep up with the trends. Watermelon will probably be the last color we roll out in January.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Angelic candles

I'm still struggling with how I want these to look.   The gold and silver dipped finish isn't as metallic as I hoped for, add the coating of glaze and they loose a lot of the fine detail that make these sculptured angel candles so stunningly beautiful.

This sweet baby angel cherub is finished in a spray on candle safe metallic paint.   I first started using this finish back when I was selling the molds.  I really like it and it doesn't hide the fine details of the candles, but I abhor spray painting.  My poor index finger hates me for a week and the only time there's a breeze is when I start shaking that can. 

My absolute favorite are the un-dyed  No glaze, no dip.  Just wax  in it's purest form.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

pumpkin candles

Been spending most of the early fall season trying to take better product photos.

Photography has never been my strong suit but those skills are necessary for selling online.   When I opened my retail store I did't have to worry too much about photographing my products.  Now it seems like I spend more time setting up for a shoot that than I do making the candles.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunflower floating candles

Feeling late to party this year.  Always a few months behind getting out the right candles for the current season.

I really love how these turned out, even though they are time consuming with the two step process to get the brown seed center before the over pour of yellow.  They've been hypnotic to make once I get in to the rhythm.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new beginning and a new BLOG

When I started this blog back in 07-08 ish...I had no idea what to use it for.  It began as an attempt to showcase candles and our retail store.  But it was boring and although I knew it lacked something I've never been able to put my finger on it.  

For a short time it morphed in to a candle making blog, which was a lot of fun and I loved engaging with others in my same field..  But in order to not cause any confusion between the molds that I sold and the candles that I make and sell I deleted several years worth of the candle making content.

Which brings us back around to the present.  All those molds are sold off and I'm back to pouring wax full time and scratching my head at how to blog and make in interesting.