Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Naked candles

As the big holiday approaches there's that one last push of orders that sends us working overtime to get everything made and packed and shipped out.

These are what I've been pouring and dipping non stop for the past few months.

The novelty and figurine candles are rather stark when pulled from their molds. They're called "cores" which is just plain ole wax poured with a wick.  Many of our designs have their own unique core color based on what type of finish they get.

Some have multiple steps to the finish such as dipping in secondary wax colors, staining or even painting before their final glossing some are simply glazed with no over dipping.

Today and well in to the evening hours I'll be pouring and demolding the little angle candles, by tomorrow they'll have their gold and silver finish added and will be hung up ready for glazing. 

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