Friday, May 27, 2016

back to the buds

Roses are life.

When I'm not pouring floating roses I'm pouring pink and red wax in to rose buds molds.  I can't escape from roses.

Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm in a creative void

Keeping up with the demand of a home business often leaves me so tired that I don't have the desire to create anything new.

When I do try a new project I rarely compete it.  Half way through I give up either due to time constraints or lack of interest.  I find it hard to focus on new things when my mind is stuck in order mode or making sure I'm stocked up in roses and I'm constantly running through my mental email list.

I have several pieces on the back burner, tikis, fish and cacti.  I have new flower molds to play with and a whole slew of fun new fall candles to work on too.  No clue how to fit them in to my daily schedule.

I want to try new techniques and styles but business gets in the way of creative growth when you're a diy'er.  I know this may sound crazy but I feel like the business is consuming my candle making creativity.