Friday, February 26, 2016

The birdies are chirping

The birds are outside my office window chirping, I think they're telling me it's time to take a break and come outside. 

In the studio I've spend most of Feb pouring little bird candles, crowns and Eiffel towers.  The wedding season will be starting soon.  

 When I'm outside I'm getting odd tan lines.

February has been such a gorgeous month, the sunshine feels amazing this time of year, the flowers are blooming and I could sit here for hours as the little butterflies flutter about.  (they're really moths, or so I've been told but I like to think of them as butterflies) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Its finally SPRING

spring time early summer is definitely being felt here in the valley of the sun

highs this week are in the 80s gasp...90 by wednesday. :(

yet still not quite pool weather

anyway...I sure hope your early spring weather is glorious and full of fun outdoor activities

i've been out in the garden for the past two weeks

trying to get things cleaned up and new seeds planted. 

and i'm so excited to see my first tulips of the season pushing through the soil

i planted these bulbs back in december along with a sprinkling of violas and asylum 

and our tomatoes are doing better now that the warm weather is here

 i had a broccoli plant that only produced a very tiny head 

it was kinda stunted and sad looking so i ignored the plant the whole season

who knew broccoli flowers could be so pretty!

Monday, February 8, 2016

happy valentine week!

I can't believe sunday is the big day already..

this year we added our new kiss floating candles to the site

super cute set of lip shaped floating candles

 and our rose bud votive candles are made in a soft light pink color..not just the red.

these are a bit larger than a standard votive

another new color for an old favorite.  

red pig shaped candles.

owls are just the cutest trend out there!

and you can get a set of 3 valentine inspired owl shaped candles...

I hope you have a wonderful valentines day filled with a ton of love and snuggles and kisses and a good book by the fire and long walks in the park and yummy food!

you can check out all of these candles and more valentine candles on our site or in our etsy store.