Friday, October 26, 2012

Making changes

The first change is one no one noticed. I like it that way, it makes for a smooth transitions.

I think it was good call too as I'm sold out of cauldrons.  Last year I was left with a few dozen orange and green cauldrons while purples enjoyed all the glory so the purples are here to stay and the other colors are a thing of the past.

I really love the new pumpkins and they making for great floating candles too.  Look for these in bulk sets soon. 

An old friend who may see retirement is the floating moon candles, or I may bring them out in limited quantities.  I think I mentioned before how I feel stretch thin making all these different candles, I really love making them too, but time isn't always on my side. and I'm starting feel the weight of it all.

At some point in 2013 we will have to close for a short time as our planning for the studio remodel is completed and although I'm eager for it to be underway I absolutely loathe having to close the shop.

There are a few things we are able to accomplish in the mean time.

The first set of upper cabinets are in and a welcome addition.  They replace several rows of shelves that always appeared cluttered no matter how tidy I tried to keep them.

The next project is the office, which can be done easily with no interference in production.  I do most computer work from the couch anyway.  I tried to get away with not having an office at all, but file cabinets and printers and paper cutters don't go with our living room decor.