Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

hope you are having a wonderfully frightful day 

want a sneak peak at next years candles

floating skeleton hand candles...ooooo spooky

not sure which way to finish them

extra dark or more on the lighter side

whatcha think?

yes, they float.  i like how they look out of water too

black skulls

i'm loving that deep black color

look at these cute little floating candles

that little bat is my favorite

ok, so these next ones aren't new

but i love burning these cauldron candles throughout october

figured i'd take another picture

happy halloween to you

Friday, October 23, 2015

October is a sneaky month

one day I'm in the pool, enjoying my summer

and BAM

it's time to get out the Halloween decorations

costumes are added to the shopping list

planning of the annual Halloween bash commences

candles are brought out in full force

it's finally cooling down enough to light a few

fragrances that have been closeted up for a year are being enjoyed again

bath and body works sales are luring me in

and guess what!  a white barn opened in the mall

finding storage solutions for holiday and decor candles isn't my strong suit

limited closet space is to blame


i'm happy to report that i didn't package any of last years candles in the attic

i was not greeted with a glob of unrecognizable waxy mess this year

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

free wood

Around November you'll start seeing the lights being stung and the tents go up

The empty lots turn in to forests

Branches trimmed, trunks sawed

Now's your chance to score some wonderful decorations.  

Most lots will let you pick through the trimmings and pieces of wood.


I'm usually covered in sap by the time I'm done

firs, spruces, cypress, and pines

Fragrant trimmings for wreaths and vases

Fresh cut trunks for candle holders

I use them all year round.

A touch of rustic woodland at my fingertips when ever I need them.

candle plates, coasters, or just sitting pretty.

They'll leak a bit of sap for a few days

It's recommended to glue a few dots of felt or rubber bumpers to the bottoms

you don't want to ruin your furniture.