Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Christmas rush, candle making ombre christmas trees and Valentines?

Hello candle friends.  I hope you're having a wonderful December. 

Our lights are finally up outside and the tree is trimmed.  Christmas shopping is nearly done, it just wouldn't be the holidays with out last minute gift buying, right?  Although to be fair I did most of the shopping from the couch with a lot of help from amazon.

The Christmas season is a sneaky one at times, isn't it?  Once Halloween is over I find myself sitting down to a turkey dinner, I no more than clear the dishes away from that and we're wading through a sea of wrapping paper and ribbons.

All my fun christmas candle project lists lay buried and forgotten under layers of invoices, which are vastly more important.  I did get at a few sets of green ombre christmas trees made before the rush came in swinging, but only to give out as gifts. Perhaps next year I'll have them available on the sites.

In the all too strange world of retail, all the holiday candle molds are neatly stored away till next year and my pour tables are being consumed by hearts and cupids and pinks. Pink EVERYWHERE! Because if it doesn't get made now there won't be time for Valentine's Day shipping.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

ps.  did I mention that I have finally got my instagram account back.  It had been lost to the internet gods for a few years but it's back and I'm attempting to use it more.