Monday, December 27, 2010

Wine cork candles

Is your wedding destination a vineyard, are you a thrower of wine and cheese parties..  If so, invite me please.

Maybe your looking for a unique gift idea for a house warming or in need of that little something extra for a romantic dinner.

I got ya covered.

Wine cork candles  Yup, candles in the shape of wine corks.  They'll make excellent centerpieces for buffet tables or wedding receptions.  Use them at your next dinner party and everyone one will be asking about them. Group several size wine bottles together around a tall floral arrangement.

Don't forget to place something under the bottles so as not to ruin your table or linens. As they melt, wax will drip down the sides of the bottles.

Glowlite Candles online
Glowlite Candles on etsy

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