Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Item! Floating Heart Candles

Valentine Day is a sneaky holiday....,  there I am recovering from Christmas and BAM!  February 14th is right there staring me in the face I haven't poured a single valentine candle.

But this year, oh this year I have it covered.  I started pouring hearts and roses way back in November
I'm stocked and ready for all those lovers who need candles for the big day.

I've been pouring reds, pinks and whites in deliciously scented black raspberry vanilla .  The studio smells amazing and even a few neighbors stopped in to ask what I've been up to.  

After watching them pick through the bins I noticed they grouped several of the hearts together and decided that was how I should offer them to you guys.

So here ya go,  A set of 3 hearts in the colors of the season.

Update:  I received a few emails inquiring about the glass dish and where to find them.  That is an old Bath and Body Works three wick candle jar that I cleaned out and removed the label.  I added raspberries and some silvery picks from the floral department before filling with water and placing the candle.

and yes, these candles fit in to the tall cylindrical vases from Michael's craft store.

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