Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring bunny candles

February is the beginning of spring in the desert. In between getting all these new candles out and set up on the site I've been tending to my garden.

I have strawberries that I've been munching on daily and my raspberry canes are seeing new growth.  The grape vines are doing great but sadly with the sale of all those molds and our storage re-organizing they'll have to be dug up and moved to the other side of the yard to make way for a the smaller garden shed we are building.  I hope they survive!

I'm still struggling with cilantro, the seeds I planted way back in Sept are just now pushing out of the soil.

The only bunnies in sight are made of pastel shades of wax.  The neighborhood park up the road has a few little guys bouncing about in the mornings, but I rarely see them. 

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