Friday, September 1, 2017

Death Stars for Christmas

Hi candle friends.  Yes, I know it's way to soon to be thinking about the holidays...or is it?

I've spent a lot of my August gearing up for the season and honestly that's about 3 months behind where I should have been...but I was enjoying my summer so much the last thing I wanted to think about or spend anytime on was Christmas!

So August first hit and I literally had to force myself to sit at my dusty desk and write out a list of what I should offer this year for Christmas.

I started the list with molds that I've bought or made and never used.  For one reason or another I have a ton of really cool designs that have never seen the light of day, or better put, poured with wax.

This Star Wars candle is one of them.  I picked this mold up from Amazon of all places and in the drawer it went where it was properly ignored for close to THREE years!

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