Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summertime candle making

I read recently that September is the busiest month for weddings, which I have no reason to doubt. With the summer heat coming to a close for most the US and the onset of fall in all her splendor makes it a beautiful season for events.

As candles makers in the wedding industry our busiest month is June, where the four of us work near non stop.  I wish, I really really wish it was in November, when the desert lows make the heat wafting off the wax melters a welcome feeling.

Instead we're sweltering back here, the two a/cs can't keep up with the rising heat of the valley sun and the four wax melters set to 112 degrees.

You'd laugh if you saw us today, standing there de-molding roses by the dozens in our bathing suits.  Once those batches are done we'll re-pour, leaning as far from the tables as we can so splashes of molten wax don't bite our bare skin.  Those 15 dozen candles will take a bit of time to harden so we'll spend that down time lounging on floaties in the pool, which is where I'm heading as soon as I finish this post.

If your wedding is in September and you open up a bag of our roses or butterfly candles and you notice a faint fragrance, the tiniest hint of tanning oil or sunblock you'll know your candles were poured by a family in Arizona doing their best to escape the heat.

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