Monday, March 5, 2012

Floating silver & gold star candles.

I was suppose to have these shimmering star candles out for the 2011 Christmas holiday season, but with so much going on they were pushed aside.

The next thing I knew it was Jan and those star candles were still sitting on the back counters collecting dust and being forgotten about completely.  Valentine day was consuming my time and it wasn't until two days ago I noticed the trays of cores.

core  is what I call unfinished candle. I decided to make a short video on dipping the cores and creating the metallic like finish.

These candles have an extra long burn time of over 8 hours and since they have a coating of silver or gold wax over might take a bit of patience to get them lit.  The coating of wax is thick and it will need to melt a bit off the wick before it can fully ignite.

Glowlite Candles on Etsy

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