Friday, August 4, 2017

making silicone candle molds

Good morning candle friends.  I bet you've guessed by now, that I am very fond of shaped candles.

The flip side to that is, I have a strong aversion to making candle molds.  The process is long, monotonous and messy and I inevitably stick a finger or the side of my hand in a glob of burning hot glue causing an unsightly and rather painful puffy blister.  But as much as I dislike the whole mold making affair; you don't get fun shaped candles with out it.  Soooo, over the weekend I built forms and mixed silicone for 11 new pieces.

These are a few of my favorites and I can't wait to play with all these fun new shapes, especially that turkey, just wait till ya see him, he's so stinkin cute?

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